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Blogarazzi Music Feature: @LittleDragon - Twice

Other years might seem to drag on, but the the Year of the Dragon has the potential to breathe life-shaping fire, to be magical, even mythical. Keep one eye on the calendar and the other on the stars. The Swedish electro-pop band is doing just that. The band posted on their fan site

We are now moving into the year of the Dragon for 2012 according to the Chinese zodiac!!  We have already written some new skeletons that we can’t wait to share with you. Who knows when it will be out but it’s definitely cooking in our studio!

We will keep you posted with new show dates as well so stay on the look! Also, got our collaboration with Big Boi on his album coming out for the dragon year!It was a experience for us to visit Stankonia studios in Atlanta and work with the people there! We had those nerves since we are big fans but left inspired!

big boi little dragon Big Boi and Little Dragon Hit The Studio, Finish Two Songs

In addition to the Big Boi collabo (my mirror ball is foreseeing a musical master piece with STANK on it!), Little Dragon will be touring in 22 UK Cities beginning in 2012.

Yukimi Nagano, the Swedish Japanese singer of the band voice is heaven (ohmgee its like the feeling you get when you are about the devoure a hot Red Lobster Cheddar biscuit, or what rainbows would feel like! lol!)

One of mu favorite releases from Little Dragon is Twice released on the Off the Wall label in 2006. This single was also features in US sitcoms Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge.

You have to check out the short film for Twice below. The voice of Yukimi, the visual, and the instrumentation is a beautiful masterpiece. I’m in love!, CLEARLY!!


This Music video for Little Dragon. Also acts as a pilot for short film “Dreams from the Woods”. A shadow puppet theater featuring the little girl, the big bird and the skeleton. Directed by Johannes Nyholm. Puppet Masters: Yukimi Nagano, Håkan Wirenstrand, Fredrik Källgren Wallin, Erik Bodin, Elias Araya, Aime Hellrand, Henrik Malmgren, Andreas Korsár and Kurt Lightner.

I’m defiantly keeping Little Dragon in rotation on my Ipod!

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